General Liability & Medical Treatment Waiver:

I recognize that all activities have hazards, and I accept the inherent risks posed by participation in Winooski Recreation or Community Services Programs. I agree to hold harmless the City of Winooski and its employees, elected officials, and any paid or volunteer staff from any and all liability for any injuries, claims, costs, or losses of service which might be incurred by participation in activities or events of said programs. I understand that medical insurance coverage is not provided. Permission is hereby granted for my participating family members to receive emergency treatment, if needed, and I authorize the attending physician to administer any necessary medical treatment. I understand that I will be responsible for any costs incurred for treatment if medical attention is deemed necessary.

I certify that there are no physical, medical, or other limitations for the participant(s) I've registered, except as indicated in this online registration. I have read this disclaimer carefully, and I voluntarily agree to all that is stated above, with full knowledge and understanding of its significance.